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Cellular Memories

Cellular Memories

Charis Smith


White walls, pale, withdrawn faces. Silent whispers of heartfelt messages to guide me to whatever happens next. Click. The machine is off. I’m on my own now. Distant memories flash before me, dark, painful and yet comforting, reassuring me that I can relive my life one more time. Black.

I do not have many memories as I am yet to turn thirteen. Hit by a bus and lost inside a dismal coma for two years now. They have given up on me; they don’t believe I will ever pull through, so my parents have agreed to let others have my still working organs. Why have they left me to fall into this dark hole with no end? Sharp stabs seize where my once beating heart lay. A tiny, evil sounding giggle resounds around my chest. My eyes are shut; I have no light to see the owner of that giggle. Wait! I’m dead aren’t I? How can I hear? How do I know where my limbs are? How am I thinking!?

Ghostly whispers whoosh around my ears, “We are The Retrievers! Retrieve, retrieve, retrieve!” is the chant that I hear, “memories are our blood! Emotions are our food! Souls are our water!” they cry. If I had a mouth that I could use, I would scream! Tiny mouths begin to tear at whatever being I am. A sudden fit of terror seizes what is left of my soul.

I know these things are taking who I am, my memories, thoughts and emotions! I cannot let them take me! Suddenly, the memory of locking myself away in a coma appears from somewhere. I force myself to recreate that feeling. It hurts to relive it, but in my blind panic I know it is all that can save me now. I give one last mental yell and lock myself into my own private place where no one can reach me.

Confused murmurs begin around me. “What? How? Why? We cannot feast! We must eat! Feed us your memories girl! Feed us!” they wail. I know I mustn’t give in to the tempting blackness that will silence me forever. “That’s right girl! Give in! Let the blackness shroud you and bring you happiness!”  They must have seen me waver. I secure myself deeper inside. A spark of blue and white erupts around me. A gasp rose from The Retrievers. “She is going! No! She is one big memory! Must feast! So delicious! Noooo!” They shriek.

I feel my half eaten heart and soul being lifted into light. Familiar light. Then I am back in darkness. But it’s not pitch black like before, it has a red tint to it. Voices surround me. They are soft and welcoming, Understanding flies through me. I am a memory and this is my new life. I am sewn into a web of other memories and emotions. None of which are mine, but I know this is where I was destined to arrive…

The End.


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