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The Green Light

The Green Light
Gracie Fitzsimons

I blinked…
And it was as if everything,
Everything we had made,
Handcrafted and carved into our own little shell,
A distant reverie,
A compilation of our togetherness,
Had disappeared instantaneously.

Strenuous were the mornings you left me,
We were once illustrated so vividly.
Puppet-like dolls within your house of rain,
A kaleidoscopic illusion of winter, I remain.
Shredded petals you left to degrade,
But you know I’m a violet gleaming as your rose tinted image fades.

Hidden beneath the stern force of a furrowed brow,
Buried within the depths of his ocean of green.
Lost and unscathed within the mere blink of an eye,
A story engraved for just you and I.

Now and then,
Flickers of fire fly by.
Those untouchable days of youth,
The glitters… the gluttony,
Cascaded across the valleys of a perpetual light.
Intimidations of reckless jealousy,
Ricocheting dreams of insurmountable envy.

He fired bullets like dominoes,
With Tempestuous echoes of possibility,
A whirlwind of incandescence.
She fell deep within,
Slowly – first.
But the Amphitrite; all encapsulating,
Engulfed her once unscathed might.

Her hamartia appeared a once fulfilling,
Green, guiding light.
The bane of vulnerable existence,
An Achilles heel,
A fateful flaw, floating – lost at sea.
Now lay whispers of her name in ancient mythology,
Her illusionist of deep misery.

Beneath lasers of viridescent notions,
Symmetrical glasses of drunken potions.
Plotted precisely, conspiring a sort of tumultuous tranquility.
Each harmonising one another,
In a sort of unexplainable serendipity.

The green light,
An invasive intricacy.
Into the realms by which were labelled,
“An envious mind” of thee…