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Darkness My Life

Darkness My Life
Eva Rose Burbidge

Darkness is the first and last thing I remember.

I don’t know where I am, how old I am. All I know is that I don’t have long. I am in a small, dark, cramped place. I can hear and see water weaving in through the minute cracks. It’s low but I know I have no chance.

I tried with all my might to cast my mind back to a happy place but to no avail. By now the water was at my knees and I could smell the salt of the sea which might have been a joyful scent for others but for me it was the scent of impending death.
The memory of a little girl and me around a Christmas tree unwrapping the very watch now smashed and battered on my wrist.

I could feel death’s cold hand stroking my back almost beckoning me. I knew it was the end. If I was to die here alone I would just remember her face. My eyes were just above the surface.

I would die here with her face in my mind….