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The Wazum

The Wazum
Grace Maher

It was noon when Hugh came to the harmonious place called the Wazum.

The Wazum is a mysterious place and is rumoured to be as quiet as the midnight air during the day and as still as a sleeping baby. It is on the East coast of the beach, on a little peninsula that was shaped like a pizza which was quite unusual. Hugh climbed up the cliff and made it to the top. He felt nervous and had butterflies in his stomach.

“Should I do it?”, Hugh thought to himself beforehand. He could never have imagined himself making it to the top safely.

On this peaceful day, suddenly Hugh could hear the waves splashing against the rocks ahead of him just off the beach coast. The sound of birds singing and faint laughter of children in a nearby school added warmth to Hugh’s heart. He sat there on his own and was looking around at the Wazum thinking “I am so lucky to have found this calming place”. It was the first time in a long time that Hugh felt at peace with his situation and he didn’t want to leave.

That evening the Wazum was a greyish colour and had many lumps and rocks around it. While Hugh was sitting there, the sun came down and created the most beautiful faded colours of orange, red and a bit of yellow from the sunset on the horizon. This lit up the Wazum so it sparkled and glowed in the evening dusk. It was a spectacular sight like nowhere else in the world. Hugh’s face reflected every colour of the Wazum at this special moment in his life.