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Unlucky at Sea

Unlucky at Sea
Ava Candappa

Crack! The old creaky door opened slowly, a middle-aged man silhouetted the darkness on the little fishing boat.

“Can we turn on the lights please?” asked the fisherman. “Come on Oscar its not that dark!” The two men sat on the end of the green boat boasting about the fish that they had caught that day. Eerie silence descended as they admired the gentle roll of the ocean… suddenly seagulls came screaming like grey ghosts piercing through the dusk like airplanes.

They started fishing for red finned glow-fish and lost track of time, minutes turned into hours and the dark menacing clouds welcomed the night sky. Satisfied with their haul they prepared to make the journey home….little did they know what was about to occur…

The thunder began to roar like a lion and the lightning lit the night sky whilst the full moon reflection scattered across the angry waves. Soon the tiny boat was a mouse compared to the monster waves. The two men took shelter and defended themselves from the stormy sea. Will they survive?

Crash! Now the waves were nearly as big as houses and the little boat was helpless against these huge tides. The fishermen knew this was the end. They started begging, wishing and praying but the storm gave no mercy. The rain crashed down like spears and the lightning struck like daggers they were all working as a deadly team conspiring to seal the fishermen’s fate.

Suddenly, the ship capsized and the men got plunged into the ice cold open ocean and the net caught them like a trap and put a stop to their escape. The fisherman fought hard for their lives knowing that there was a very slim chance of survival. The seamen couldn’t cope much longer. It all went black…