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The Corona

The Corona
Sahil Agrawal

It was difficult to see past the spots of smog. Diseased murk cloaked her wrinkled skin. She sizzled slowly burning from within. Her raking dry cough created a constant background din amongst the malaise; pain greeted every increasingly shallow breath. She tasted the suffocating air which bristled like barbed wire wrapped down the back of her throat. Air turbulently whooshed past, sowing thorns deep into her being as she choked uncontrollably.
Life on the ground abounded oblivious. Berries and buds blossomed under the spring shine. Pink flamingos reclaimed what used to be theirs. She was carried higher and higher as she reminisced and rejoiced in her own creation, hitting the ground with a heavy thud as reality seared and singed her skin. She struggled on shore as she stumbled alone barefoot on shards not sure which way to go.

Clouds clotted, eclipsing the sun. Thunder crackled and lightning struck; disturbed, she flitted in turmoil between life and death. Wave after wave relentlessly smashed her defences. A deluge of rain drenched her. She shivered in the dark desperate for a glimmer of hope. Finally, the clouds began to lift; the haze cleared and a corona illuminated her path to the soft warm sand. The ‘Splish, Splosh,’ sounds of the waves gently caressed her feet as she inhaled deeply the fresh sea breeze.
Muscles relaxed as her eyes became less taut and scrunched up. Her soul transcended her frail bedridden body wafting like a feather nestled on a whisper of air. She observed a lone dandelion defiantly rejoiced on a sea of abandoned concrete. Sweet birdsong slept on the current above the desolate streets. She glided like a free gull over a shimmering sea enjoying the crisp breeze on her face. Oceans stirred deep. Fish dived into unknown depths jumping in joy. She soared amongst the clouds to see the highest white peaks afar after many moons.

Her body faded into nothingness. However, her mind forever at peace continued to explore for eternity.