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Terror in the Tower

Terror in the Tower
Clodagh Delahunty-Forrest


I follow a cobbled path and the screams to the dilapidated tower
So dark, creepy, dominating and sour
The eye like windows followed my every breath
A gloomy dark mist surrounds me like death
Overgrown plants spiral upwards in the old dusty bricks
My face scratched my twigs and sticks
As terrifying gruesome trees swallow me whole
Stealing my life and weary soul 


I tear away from the snatching branches bare
To await supernatural creatures ready to scare
Who lurk inside the dark corridors and walls?
Who haunts any trespassers who dare to enter the castles halls?
Any intruder, their life will meet a horrible end
Into hell they will descend
And for all eternity roam the empty rooms
All that enters inside the castle death looms


I felt a harsh cold breeze
As it bites away at my clothes, causing me to freeze
I shiver through terror and dread
On the never ending path I carefully tread
I wince at the sound of my feet crunching dead leaves
Scared who will hear as my heart painfully grieves
The wind screams in my face tormenting me
Warning me of the danger ahead and wishing me to flee.


In the distance I hear the savage call of a raven old
His own soul to the devil was sold
Out of greed for riches too great
But in the end met a ghastly fate
The life has gone out of its eyes
As it continues its hungry cries
It glares at me with rage and hate
Am I to become his bait?


I run out of terror to the entrance
The old structure moaned at my presence
I looked up at the castle; the lights were off except for one
Inside I could see a silhouette that would make any mortal run
I gulped I couldn’t go back now
I tried to open the door but the castle wouldn’t allow
Me to enter so I pushed with all my might
To meet a terrible fright


There surrounded by smoke, stood a figure dressed in black
I stopped in my tracks
Its glaring red eyes stared at me with hate
It was too late
Its bony claws pointed at me
I was surrounded in darkness, I could not see
I heard a gruesome laugh I was under its wicked spell
Is this death, is this hell?
That. Was. My. Last. Thought.




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