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Ten Little Corpses

Ten Little Corpses
Kay Flower


In the bronze mirror he adjusted his mask,
As he prepared for the final little corpse
To complete their task:

Ten little corpses all gathered to dine,
One choked on a cherry and then there were nine.

Nine little corpses surrounded by fate,
One danced badly and then there were eight.

Eight little corpses, two others in heaven,
One was martyred and then there were seven.

Seven little corpses, one granted a wish,
One got what they wanted and then there were six.

Six little corpses disturbing a hive,
One died impaled and then there were five.

Five little corpses, one trapped in a drawer,
One died to scale and then there were four.

Four little corpses still trying to flee,
One tripped over themselves and then there were three.

Three little corpses,
One died from the sun.
The killer was killed,

And then there was one.


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