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War Plane

War Plane
Nayantika Chaudary


Free! I was free once more. I soared high up in the baby-blue sky, basking in the summer
sun’s cheerful rays. The cool breeze rushed past my newly-polished wings as I meandered
through the fluffy swan-white clouds. I enjoyed every second of these beautiful and tranquil
moments when I was taken out in the sky. Gently, I tilted towards the grubby concrete,
ready to land. As soon as I got ushered into the silver warehouse, I had my wings polished
until they gleamed. I looked around at the rusty, dirty planes in a dingy corner who never
got used. Knowing that I was lucky, I closed my eyes to rest as it began to rain outside…

I woke up to get the biggest shock of my entire life. I wasn’t at home. I wasn’t in the sky. I
was in a grubby, filthy old shed. Panic surged through me as every instinct told me to WAKE
UP and fly away from this horrible nightmare. Big, strong men came towards me as two
climbed on top of me. I tried to tell myself it was alright but I just knew it wasn’t.

My new pilot drove me forwards and my propellers spun round and round as the rough air
crashed on top of me like a tsunami. As soon as my eyes gazed at the dark grey clouds, I knew I
wasn’t going to be a tranquil bird in these skies…

My eyes glazed with terror, I took off into the misty fog. I clumsily went side to side in the
harsh winds as one of my riders dropped peculiar dark objects into the murky patches of
ground below us. A few seconds later a deafening BOOM! would issue from where the
funny objects had been dropped. Abruptly, as if out of nowhere, a dark plane appeared
above us. I saw my riders exchange worried glances as they flew me at full speed. Before I
knew it, my wing was ablaze with fire. I was soon plummeting to the earth with one last
hope: that I would survive. I hit the ground with a deafening thud as a blanket of darkness
swept over me. I closed my eyes…



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