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Technology is Not the Answer!

Last night I found a silly man,

Watching TV whilst using a frying pan!


I thought he might be crazy,

Giving the TV a stern look.

The problem was with him,

He wasn’t writing a book!


They just use their technology all the time,

Even if they’re only at the age of nine!


What’s up with them, those silly old people?

It might even make their eyes turn square!

Just looking at it all the time,

Oh no, it’s you now, the fancy mare!


The point I am just TRYING to make,

Is that you should be writing as soon as you wake!


I know what’s wrong now,

You’re worried you won’t be like Dr .Seuss.

No one’s EVER as good as him!

Oh no! I’ve let my pen on the loose!


Phoebe Case


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