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The Frost

That terrible morning….

Whoosh, whoosh! I awoke with a start, gasping and panting, shivering in cold sweat. I lay there for
a while, just lay there under the protection of my crisp duvet, clenching my clammy hands, trying to
slow racing heart. With leaden steps, I crept out of bed and glanced at the dark, suffocating, walls
around me. Tiptoeing across the wooden floor towards my only source of light, like a moth drawn to
a flame. I peeled back the curtains, to my bewilderment…

It was as if God had shaken icing sugar over the world, and told no one about it. Nature’s palette
was now a mix of a million shades of glistening white. I had never seen anything so spectacular.
It was everywhere; as a coat for the trees, a blanket for the ground, a hat for the roofs.

 A lone robin sang its sweet tune, hopping from tree to tree. The sky was pale, in harmony with the
canvas of pure white. There was no sign of the smiling sun, thin wisps of grey cirrus clouds sat in
its place. All though it looked as though the snow ruled eternal, the trunks of the trees were still
the same old chestnut brown, their leaves half emerald green.

Just staring at these beautiful sights, made me want to feel the cool texture of the snow in my
hands, I wanted to be able to stomp around in it, to be with it. I meandered in between the various
toys littered across the floor and crept downstairs. I slipped into the comfort and warmth of my coat
and boots, whilst trying not to smile.

Gazing at the untouched beauty of the snow, I turned the handle of the back door.
A gentle breeze rushed in taking me by surprise. The air was clear and cold, but exciting all the
same. The rug of snow crunched behind me, crisp and soft. My nose turned a peculiar shade of
pink, and my breath turned into mist in the sky.

Gently as if not to disturb its tranquillity, I drove my hand it. A tingling sensation ran up my arm.
Scoping it out I stared at the beauty of it, every inch was so perfect. I just stood there doing that.
Until I spotted the pond. My eyes became as big as saucers. I dropped my snow, in my haste, and
lumbered over to it. I had never seen anything so mesmerising before, I saw my own reflection in it
in the glazed ice.

It lured me in. It trapped me.

I took one step. For a few seconds it was amazing, so slippery and smooth. But in a split second, it all changed.

I heard a sickening crack, the world span around me, the snow revealed its true colours;
Harsh, frost bitten…cold. I let out a silent scream. The world dissolved into darkness, as I slipped under… forever.

Nayantika Chaudary

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