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Jasper Turksma

The sky was the colour of cat vomit. At first, I just thought this was the natural colour of dawn because this was the earliest in a long time I had woken up. However, later on I would learn that no, this was not a regular dawn. This was far more sinister.
I never really knew my neighbour, but I definitely knew one thing that was abundantly obvious, he loved his cat to bits. His name was Pookie, a tabby cat, small and ginger, who loved running laps in the halls of the apartment block. So, when I was looking out to the sky on my balcony, I was very surprised to see on the balcony next to me, there was my neighbour, without Pookie.

I felt something drip on my head, and whilst trying to get it out of my hair, I looked up to see it was raining. The rain looked quite a bit thicker, and most alarmingly, was still the colour of cat vomit. It even smelt like it. That’s when I realised that I was, in fact, covered.

Suddenly, I heard my neighbour let out a chuckle, which turned into a manic laugh, followed by him shouting “Come, my beautiful creature. Show this town your might.” Which is when I saw one of the most terrifying sights I had ever laid eyes on: the rain, or should I say vomit, cleared and showed that in the cloud there was a giant-sized cat. I immediately recognized its face: it was Pookie.

I turned to my neighbour and shouted to him “What have you done?”, to which he turned back and said, with a mad glint in his eye “I have given my beloved Pookie the power he truly deserves. Those were his last words, as he was plucked up by the beast and got eaten in one gulp.