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One Day

One Day
Anisha Sahu

If society is so great, then why do many among our generation choose the tip of the knife to sink into our hearts, so deep that it goes past all the memories and love locked away inside it like the chamber of secrets? Why can’t we walk hand in hand, one person to another in peace and harmony without gunshots and exploding bombs with no mercy for our brethren?

You look at someone and you hate them and half an hour later they’re black and blue wondering what they even did to you. Why would you do that to someone you don’t even know? Why is society like this? There are so many questions I want to scream aloud but no words come out, because who would listen to a little eleven-year-old girl? She clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

But that’s the thing – I do.

I used to watch the news when I was younger because their grave voices made me giggle, but I never really understood what they were saying when their voices were all choked by tears, and they used big, fancy words to cover up the ugly truth. Now I’m eleven. I’ve given up on it because all I hear is the reporter droning on and on about murder and crime and all I hear is pain, sorrow, cries, and begs for mercy that’s never given.

Why can’t we form an alliance with one another and have each other’s backs? Is it so hard to settle for less to gain more? We don’t need too much land, just a roof over our heads will suffice- we can have even more, it isn’t a problem. We don’t need to be at each other’s throats because of our addiction to greed and money we don’t deserve.

There are hardworking, innocent people out there feeding their family with the money that they earn! This world is so beautiful when we care for it. We only have one – let’s do our best with it.

Can’t we get along without having to pick up a gun and run? Or flying high up in the sky dropping our bombs and watching bullets shoot through the sky?

Peace. That’s the word. It’s crazy how one world can solve everything, but it can. Hopefully soon we will all join hand in hand and leave our differences behind.

We can start the beginning of another world – the kind where we are all accepted no matter who we are- one where we can love one another and put the gun down for life.

One day where soldiers can pack away their uniform until it’s all dusty and buried at the bottom of their hearts because there is no need for it anymore and all of this if forgotten so that one day when our hair is grey and our time has come, we can all sleep peacefully, undisturbed untroubled.