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Lockdown Commentary

Lockdown Commentary
Abel Neto

Lockdown commenced as the schools, libraries and most non-essential shops closed. Along with it started my sense of anticipation, somewhat excitement and the vision of me lazing around.

Unfortunately, school was yet to open for six months, yet only about a week in did I start to realise it would not be all fun and games. I could not see my friends, school made us do compulsory homework online.

So I just sat on the sofa contemplating life until I got bored. By that time my thoughts had wandered and so had my eyes.

There I was, staring out of the window out on the deserted world that was once abundant with petrol fumes and people. It was a gorgeous spring afternoon – trees had already blossomed, flourishing out onto the street and gardens. Robins sat perched on the light bark of oak trees.

The sun in itself gleamed down upon this beautiful vista, as it was neither too hot or too cool.

I cocked my head sideways and wondered if maybe I should go outside. I reached for my football and headed out into the spring breeze.