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Dog Diary

Dog Diary
Evie Brennan

September 21, 2020

Dear diary,

Today was an amazing day! It was full of adventure, fun and love! Probably a day that will go down in history! Me and my pet had the most splendid time, we even got to meet the queen and king of dogdom! Now, you might be wondering, “Hang on, who is writing this?”or, “Dogdom? I have never heard of that!”or even,“I wonder if sheep can really fly?!”

To answer all those questions of yours –– except the one about sheep, I don’t really know that one –– all you need to do is keep reading.

Oh, you’re still here? Good! And before you ask, no, I am not going to keep getting distra– oooh, look, a stick!

Alright. Alright. Jeez!

September 22, 2020

Dear diary,

Sorry I could not continue telling you my story yesterday, it was because I went for walkies with my person pooch! Oh, it was the most fabulous, incredible, mind-blowing walk ever!

I mean we did not just go around the block one time, no, no, no we went around the block THREE TIMES! That is like 30,000,000 miles! Anyway, enough about my spectacular walk! Back to the story!

Yesterday me and my “owner” (as you humans like to call it) went out on our daily walk, when, suddenly, we saw a flashing bolt of bright light shoot up, high into the air! It was extra-ordinary!

So, OF COURSE, we went to see what it was! Was it an alien? A signal? Or was it just the start of an adventure that would change our lives FOREVER???

To answer your burning questions, it was in fact a signal! But, not just any signal, it was a HELP signal! Me and my person pooch BOLTED to where this signal might be coming from!

We were ever so shocked to find the KING AND QUEEN OF DOGDOM. Yes, I know, it was utterly CRAZY! There they were! Magnificent canines! Probably the best dogs in the entire universe! Oh, and their people pooches were there too!

It turns out, they were calling a help signal because they were lost! Their horse had gone out of control and galloped through the field, with their carriage attached to the back! They were stranded!

“Hello, kind citizen!” barked the queen, out of breath.

“Have you come to save us?” said the king, whimpering.

“Indeed I have, your majesty!” I quietly ruffed, trying to sound as formal as possible. Although, I did say it rather muffled because I was very –– and I mean VERY –– nervous! It seemed as if my person pooch was nervous too, because she was looking at Queen Elizabeth and her husband with her voice cracking just at the sight of them!

“Do you need any help?” my person pooch cooed kindly.
“That would be very nice indeed, thank you!” said a delighted sounding queen and king.

My human soon contacted the “authorities” and they helped all of us by sending a police helicopter! But this was not just an old police helicopter, no, no, NO, this was indeed, a GOLDEN HELICOPTER!

It was amazing! Not just because we were in a one-of-a-kind, wonderful, golden helicopter, but because the “police-man” gave us a full-on, juicy STEAK! On a SILVER PLATER! It was love at first sight!

The queen and king of dogdom could not thank me or Sarah, my human, enough! They even knighted me and Sarah, so now, we are incredibly special! I was the first dog IN HISTORY to be knighted!

I have to go now, Sarah is calling me for walkies, but I hope you enjoyed my tail! (Ha, Ha…Get it?)