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Eliza Howe

School closed, and then it was real,
Doing schoolwork, but finishing by lunch!
Afternoons free for fun things.

FaceTiming my friend,
Zoom quizzes with friends and family,
Watching films, but not much TV.
We’re dancing with Oti,
And Dad and I are trying Joe Wicks,
But it’s too tiring, so we don’t do it again!

We played a game with friends on Zoom,
And the game was delivered the next day!
A mysterious parcel of Harry Potter Dobble.
Who could’ve sent it?
Turns out it was my Aunt, Uncle and cousin!

Going for walks,
In all the same places,
Finding the best route to my new school.
Scooting with the girl next door,
Having to social distance.

I tried to avoid wearing a mask 
For as long as was possibly possible.
But then I saw a great film,
And just had to get the book,
So I wore one for the first time and hated it.

Schools return,
Washing your hands five times a day!
And cleaning the tables twice.
Social distracting, temperature taking.

What a surprise, it’s normal again!

Lockdown was boring,
Lockdown was fun,
Different for everyone,
What was lockdown for you?