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Immortal Enemies

Immortal Enemies
Aliya Waseem (UK)

No matter what world I was residing in, he managed to appear. All I had done was go out for a morning stroll and there he was again.

Walking down the park path, I watched as the children played games and spent quality time with each other. Turning my head away from the children, I continued on my way, the thought of the hopefulness of the children and their faith that these friendships would last forever, remained in my mind, long after I had left them. I sighed, with the knowledge that only the strongest bonds lasted till adulthood.

There were very few people walking down the path today. I did not mind that much as it gave me time to enjoy the scenery and clear my earlier thoughts. As I was walking, I noticed a small flower blooming in an area of grass where no other flowers grew. Strange. I picked up the soft flower as a gift for my younger sister – she loves them very much – and carried on walking. Closing my eyes and lifting the flower to my nose, I inhaled the entrancing scent. It gave me a sense of serenity. I no longer took into account my surroundings, but I wish that I had. I bumped my shoulder against another – the impact quickly brought me back to reality. I was about to apologise to the person when I saw their face. It was not something that I was ready for.

I didn’t want to see him. Not now or ever. I need to somehow escape from this awful predicament. Feigning ignorance towards his presence, I hurriedly shuffled past him in an attempt to get away. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. I felt a hand grip my shoulder, I tried to yank it back but the grip was too tight. The hand forcefully turned me around so that I was face-to-face with the person. His face bore a smirk that I knew all too well and, seeing his face again, I felt as though I could recognise him as if we had never gone our separate ways all those years ago. I was quickly awoken from my thoughts when he spoke.

“Hello, it’s been a long time.”

“I’d say that it hasn’t been nearly enough time since the last time we ‘accidentally’ bumped into each other. Maybe there is some part of you that just doesn’t want to let me go. Or is that so untrue that you must give me that ugly face?”

His expression changed from shock to one of distaste. He probably didn’t appreciate my comment, considering he is the reason that we are so bitter towards each other. If he had not been such an egotistical jerk, then we may be in a different place to where we are today.

He took his hand back and shoved me out of the way to continue on his path. A petal flew from my flower and landed on his shoulder. I watched him walk away.