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Mariam Mohammed


The clock has finally struck.

Time for me to finally start growing up.

This is what I will be expected to do.

To feed, to care and to cherish others.

As I will be the rock of the family.

Where my children will seek advice from.


I will be expected to stay at home cleaning, cooking and washing.

As my other half goes to work.

I have such ambitions for my future.

As for me now I will be stuck in these four walls which enclose me from the world.


I will see many of my friends go off and get a degree.

However I must follow my culture.

As this was done by my grandmother and my mother.

The same fate lies for me.


To be an obedient, loyal, caring housewife.

And to not have a life.


This is the end for me now.

Now my daughter will follow the same fate as me.

And hers after that …


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