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Kaleia Hills


Death came and stood by me.  She reached out her hand to me as if to comfort me.  I knew she was there for the air was cold and clear.  She whispered to me in her soft, sad voice.

I tried to block it out.  I tried to concentrate myself on the wardrobe.  All I heard was an occasional murmur.

My four-poster bed loomed over me, rippling as if to welcome her.

I tried to shout ‘No,’ but then she was all around me.  I felt the world shake.  Then my vision went a-blur.  I shut my eyes, but the colors behind my eyelids seemed to circle.  I felt hopeless, and then it stopped.

The whole world seemed to stop, and all I could do was listen.

She spoke with her soft, horrible, clear voice that seemed to echo itself like it came from all corners of the room.  She touched my shoulder.  She seemed to draw me in.  I had to pull back.  I was young, too young to die.

Still I seemed to flicker like a candle trying to keep alight in the blowing wind.

Earth seemed to be pulling me back. Death was drawing me in.  My world seemed to change into darkness, but then it was light again.

I cried out.  There was too much noise.  I pushed Earth away from me.  I heard Earth cry out my name.  Black silence filled the air. There wasn’t a lamp, not even the sky.

I was alone.

I pictured my cold, dead body.  I tried to cry.  Nothing came.  There was no one to comfort me.  I reached my arms out and Death embraced me in a soft, warm, knowing way.


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