Jude Parker


It’s the biggest social networking site in the world and is used by pretty much everyone who has a computer, some Wi-Fi and nothing else to do all day. It’s a place where people can post anything which only has the slightest bit of interest to anyone else on Facebook. Millions of people and countries all around the world use it every day, like Mauritius. I don’t even know where Mauritius is. We’re all obsessed with it. We’re constantly using it to either boast about recent holidays or to play Candy Crush Saga. It’s like our little on-line heaven. So what would happen if Facebook shut down and no longer worked? I wonder how many wars it would start.

It’s a question that no one’s really asked themselves purely because it would keep them awake at night, make their hands tremble and would put them into a mental state that would leave rocking on their beds in a dark room. But if we were to wake our minds up and tune into the real world we’d realise what havoc it would raise if Facebook shut down. There are around 30.2 million users in the UK and about 155.7 in the USA. Think of how depressed all those people would be when there’s no status to update. No game to tell anyone about. No holiday photo’s to show off about. People would have to start talking to people in person and would have to do normal things like walking and playing outdoor games and would actually go outside. How terrible would that be?

Ultimately, everyone would gather up and start inventing schemes to plot against Mark Zukerburg and all his colleges who work down at Facebook Headquarters. Maybe the terror alert in America would be raised to “Critical”. It could be the start of World War Three: over 185.9 million angry Facebook users against one man. It could then lead to the destruction to the whole world altogether.

That would be it then. The whole of civilisation destroyed over one website. Silly isn’t it?


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