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An Ecological Dream

An Ecological Dream
Matilde Alexandra Moura Amaral

Once upon a time, in a distant future, there was a child who lived on a world known as the Blue Planet and which had been transformed into a sea of pollution. This same child, whose name is Noah, had always been fascinated with how the planet was being totally destroyed by pollution. So he spent hours watching old documentaries, images and videos from the time when the blue planet was green and full of life.

Noah even created a model of a small green garden wrapped in a dome. He intended to create it when he grew up, to try to save a small part of the planet from total destruction.
And so it was, Noah grew up and became a determined man who focused on creating a small part of green and healthy soil. It took him several years but he succeeded, got a job to make money and built that garden alone. He was able to buy seeds of the most variable plants and planted them inside the small dome. Finally, the plants grew and that little dome became a wonderful garden.

Noah’s case had a huge repercussion and everyone wanted to visit that “magical” garden, but Noah had the brilliant idea of charging entrance, not with money but with recycling, reforestation and cleaning the planet.

And in just a few years, much of the planet was already free of pollution and all of this because of the attitude of a man who had once been a small and helpless child unhappy with the pollution caused by ancestors who lived long before him