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Swimming is Flying

Swimming is Flying
Amber Wallbutton

I opened the curtains and peered out at the colourful Spanish villas lining the street.

The sun shone brightly and filled the room with light. I put on some beach flipflops and left, down a sandy path under the shade of huge palm trees. The smell of dry seaweed filled the air. A familiar smell I loved so much. A smell that reminded me I was free.

I kicked off my shoes and dug my toes into the welcoming feeling of the soft sand. Seagulls raided this narrow stretch of beach for food, and it didn’t take long before curiously, one came. The tranquil waves lapped across the tideline as though the water was reaching for me.

I moved closer until my feet were engulfed by the surf and removed my slightly soggy clothes revealing my purple, Speedo swimming costume. Then, I plunged in and submerged myself.

The tropical water enveloped me, and my streamline body glided around unique coral reefs.

I glanced left and realised that a school of shimmering fish were following me. They made me feel like I belonged here in the sea.

I swam on and pondered to myself, not noticing that I wasn’t alone.

Suddenly, a flash of fins whizzed past me, and I instantly recognised Aletas’s scars. I had found her injured as a calf and ever since, we’ve protected each other. Now I visit her every morning and evening.

Aletas twirled and sprang out of the water signalling to me that she was willing me to ride her, and I gently took hold of her dorsal fin and carefully slipped astride. We dived deep down into the crystal blue, before rapidly rising towards the rippling surface, piercing through and soaring momentarily through the sky.

As we swam together, I left behind my village but not only that, all my worries as well. I truly was flying, flying into the horizon. I was free!