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A Place of Inspiration

A Place of Inspiration

George Bastow


If inspiration was a place, it would be a realm of continuous

creativity where imagination rules, where thoughts come to life

and characters animate: flying, walking, talking, laughing and

screaming around a world of fantasy.


A world where characters and stories intertwine with those of

Dickens and Dahl. Works of the imagination run free within a

realm of words and tales where pages of parchment fall from the

sky filled with the notes of classic authors of immortal fiction.


Where murderers and villains roam free, poets converse with

sorcerers, as demons and evil creatures battle mythical beasts.

Warriors and professors walk through the diverse landscape as

vampires talk between themselves over a glass of blood; zombies

crouch over the open skull of an unidentified author desperate for

a taste of the extraordinary brain.


Tolkien sits conversing with his own characters and frantically

composes extraordinary previously unheard tales from Middle

Earth as in the distance a dragon breathes fire, boilding a kettle

from which a wizard with a longbeard pours himself a cup of tea.


Witches stand over boiling pots cackling as a walking skeleton

dips a finger into the steaming broth, tastes and pours in the

blood of a child.


In a land where leprechauns exchange tales with spectres and

sorcerers do battle; ghosts, zombies, wizards and mythical

creatures roam the entirety of their world. Where cries of

laughter and pain weave into all the music known to man, where

everything can be heard from the high and powerful tones of

classical composers like Beethoven to the reggae vibrations of

Bob Marley.


Imagination is the only limit in a place of inspiration.


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