Issue 5

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Published online in December 2014.

My favourite moment when working with young writers was a day when I’d given a group a very specific thing to do yet one girl completely ignored me. She did it differently and she was right. For her piece, at that time, in that moment, she was right to ignore me and the writing she did was far better than it would have been under my rules.

Not only was I proud of her but I also thought yes, that’s a writer. That’s what a writer does.

It’s harder than it sounds because it isn’t about being wilfully disobedient, it’s about thinking what matters for your writing and being bold enough to try it knowing that you could fail. We have various constraints on Write On!, for instance, that matter a lot: we can’t run serialised stories from issue to issue, we can’t squeeze in novels. It’s less of a rule for us but we haven’t run articles and I would have told you that we’d never run an article that was an explanation of a piece of prose fiction: the writing in Write On! must work without an introduction.

Yes. This time we have an introduction to a piece, we have a short article about the making of the piece. Writer Sonora Hills sent us an extract from her novel and also a note about how she came to write it. I don’t like extracts when we’re not going to publish the whole thing, it feels wrong and unfair, but this isn’t just a good extract, it’s a nice illustration of the points in Sonora’s article. If you like what you read, take a look at her full novel on Amazon.

But not until you’ve read everything else here, okay? We have short and powerful poems, we have utterly delightful tales and we’ve got moving pieces about the world.

William Gallagher – Write On! Magazine Editor

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