Contents – Issue 5

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With this Pen
Sophie Horton

Aza and the Writing of a Novel
Sonora Hills

The Cloak of Prophecy
Heather Mortimer

Mrs Wilson
Tanita Patel

Victorian Back Alleyways
Freya Stokes

Cheese and Biscuits
Gabriella Barry

The Clan-Myth About the Creation of the Sun and Moon
Joey Bird

Joshua Fearn

The Werewolf’s Howl
Jessica Barnett

You are the Sea
Lucy Donaghey

The Countdown
Rachel Weller

A Temporary Shelter
Joe Pickles

Katie Gayton

Mia-Nadine Anderson

Nabeela Saghir

Lucy Donaghey

Poppy Ashford-Kelleher

Snow Fall
Jessica Horton

Jude Parker

Kaleia Hills

Cruel Fate
Clodagh Delahunty-Forrest

A Festive Celebration
George Bastow

The Afterlife
Heather Mortimer

The Visitor
Joe Derbyshire

Football Dreams
Kobi James

A City in a Poem
Mark Chappell

Too Young
Katie Wheatley

Maryam Alatmane

Spy Network
Uzayr Bukhari

Mariam Mohammed

Mother India
Pratiksha Saha






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