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Lucy Donaghey


Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,

Many a foolish man has said that with this statement and he would agree,

Yet words are harsher than knives, yet sweeter than flowers,

They have the most immeasurable powers,

Letters combined into allusive equations,

A selection of choices for every occasion,

Used to heal, used to hurt,

Used to lie and used to flirt,

A way to show emotion,

A collection larger than the ocean,

Leave scars far more hurtful than those you can see,

Phrases that will perhaps forever live with thee,

A concoction of sounds you don’t quite understand,

The voices of those from a far away land,

Yet isn’t it strange that those sounds that you hear,

Could be the most captivating sentence to another’s ear,

Words are weapons so make sure you are armed,

Words are affection so make sure they are charmed,

A quote once said “Language is wine upon the lip.”

And there are the three of the most wondrous of words that makes the heart flip,

I love you, perhaps the sweetest of words,

Three words are the only cure for pain and sets you free like the birds,

Yet so many words that float around on this sphere,

Will with oblivion be gone in many a year,

And like the world nothing will be left behind,

And every single word forgotten whether mean or kind.


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