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Poppy Ashford-Kelleher


Bfwoom! My spacecraft lands with an ear-splitting sonic boom. Rubble and shards of glass lie shattered and scattered all over a dusty plain. My escape capsule falls to the ground, splintering into a million minuscule fragments. I roll forwards onto the ground, I am not alone, my twin is next to me. My twin? We appear to be identical, only I’m dressed in blue and her in pink. Some strangers approach wearing starched uniforms, their badges reading ARD. I wonder what this represents, somehow I know it sands for Alien Registration Department. They corral us into a relatively large containment unit. I crawl towards my twin and we huddle together, comforting each other as the room darkens.

A burst of light awakens us both. If you asked me what just happened, I couldn’t really say, my mind is a whirl of confusion. I turn to my twin, Firebolt, her expression telling me she doesn’t feel the same. What could have happened? She hollers at me “Moonbeam!’’

Again the room darkens.


“W…wh…where am I?” stutters Firebolt.

“Ooh I have ‘the joy’, we are going…” begins Moonbeam.

“YOU WILL BE SEPARATED…ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…FIVE…………NOW!!!!!!” booms a mechanical sounding voice.

Moonbeam awakened in a small, uncluttered room…her room! She really awakened, the ARD, the twin… were they all just a dream? Who could possibly answer?

She just carried on with her everyday life as though nothing had happened. It must have been a dream.

The following night, within her dreams, Moonbeam sees a cloudy figure. It approaches and murmurs to her “You cannot spend all your days in your mind. Your planet needs you. However if you help your planet you will be absorbed by the being Apocalypse … On the other hand, if you stay here you will be consumed by your own mind. So, which will you choose?” The cloudy figure dissolved. Without warning there was a new one… it looked like the girl Firebolt from her dream. Haughtily, Firebolt proclaimed, “Ha, you’ve been abducted by your own mind and now you’ve got to rule us.”

Moonbeam was provided with many riches but she never felt at home. She could never truly enjoy these delicacies. She half basked in all this glory until one day she was called to the meeting area. The marble floor felt cold and unforgiving to her feet as she clip-clopped to meet the elder. Pfffffft sssssssssss…a hissing sound echoed through the hallway. Blank. It had reached the room.

She found herself in a completely white room with no one but the same sinister cloudy figure she ‘d met in her dream. He proudly strutted around the room before announcing this “You were never wanted in your home world, you were merely to sit there looking down at the glimmering cess pool you would dwell in today. So, I am helping you by doing this and to cut this speech short, I shall state only this, you are merely…………unwanted”.



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