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Witch Tunnel

Witch Tunnel
Anya Kozlowski

“Hello? Is anyone in here, hello?”
“Ah, I’ve been expecting you. Come in away from the rain and the wind.” I stepped on to the snapped floor boards. “Shall we go into the living room?”
“Erm, okay.” I cautiously walked in. The wallpaper was falling off the walls, the furniture ripped up like an angry dog had run in.
The strange lady disappeared into another room to make tea. I started to look around, I saw a letter behind the cabinet. I pushed the cabinet out of the way but it was weightless.
There was a tunnel. I ignored the letter and crawled down the tunnel. I coughed up the dust and cobwebs kept on sticking to me like glue.
When I finally got to the bottom I saw witches doing witchcraft. I videoed it. No-one had ever had evidence of it. Or that witches lived on. I was going to make history!

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