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Lavanda and her Adventure

Lavanda and her Adventure
Alicia Smitten

Far away in a village lived a beautiful girl named Lavanda. She lived in the small windmill with her stepmother and father. Although more likely she was locked in her room making freshly baked bread for a shop called Stenley Wheat.

One early morning her stepmother did not want her anymore and chucked her outside. Lavanda walked and walked and few weeks later she came across a forest with golden trees with white apples.

She clambered into the forest slowly and silently until she tripped over a log and the noise echoed everywhere. In the old tree lived a horrible beast. He heard the noise and he knew it was from a human so he went to find Lavanda.

Meanwhile Lavanda really liked the place until she saw a shadow of the beast coming towards her so she hid behind a tree. The beast had a good sense of smell and he could smell Lavanda. He looked behind the tree and spotted Lavanda. Then he grabbed her with his tentacles. Tears were coming out of poor Lavanda’s eyes. She cried: “Leave me alone”. The beast replied: “Be quiet little girl!” and he took her back to his home.

When Lavanda was at the beast’s home she saw skulls and bones everywhere. Then the beast put Lavanda in a cage with a cup full of old water and a bowl with one apple seed. Lavanda saw some dark blue eyes of the person coming towards her with a staff in his wrinkled hand. Lavanda had a good look at him she realised he was a wizard. “How could it be?” wondered Lavanda.

The wizard said to her: “Mmm, let me have a look at that beautiful necklace.” But he tricked her. He didn’t have a look. He took it off her neck.

“I will make this necklace into a swamp jewel!” he told her.

“But why?” asked Lavanda.

“Because this is a magical jewel that has powers strong enough to destroy anything but….” he told her back.

“What else!” Lavanda cried.

“I’m not telling you anymore because you will know my plan and stop it,” said the wizard in Lavanda’s face.

“I will not” replied Lavanda when suddenly a prince, a leopard, a peacock and a fox appeared. The prince whispered in Lavanda’s ear:

“Throw the necklace at the wizard and the beast.” Lavanda threw it at them and they exploded because the jewel had strong powers.

The prince said: “Lavanda, I am your lost brother.” Then they smashed the necklace together.

Lavanda, Prince Edward and his animal friends went back to his palace.

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