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What if there is no hero

What if there is no hero
Chloe Pick

A leaf is swept along the pavement
Its shards scatter, just moments later
Pushed away by the force of a foot
A bird caws above in a tree
The dog below it barks up, as though to say hello
I stomp through the Autumn leaves,
My imagination running wild,
Inspiration lurks around every corner

I think about my day at school
About the progress I made on an art project at lunchtime
About the chaos in form time that I just read a book amidst
Losing myself in the pages of another world
Where problems all have an easy solution, achieved by a heroic quest
Where the hero is just a normal person
Until they no longer are
But in real life things are more complex
People can’t be predicted
And the hero doesn’t have a happily ever after
And sometimes life won’t present a quest
Just a list of chores
That need to be done everyday

I spend everyday wondering what my life will be
How I can get there
If I’m doing enough to achieve that
But instead I answer if I can even achieve that
If it’s even possible