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A Recipe for Golden Stories (Decorations Included)

A Recipe for Golden Stories (Decorations Included)


Get a large mixing bowl and add:

• a sieved plot
• a dollop of action — make sure it isn’t too runny
• 2 teaspoons of villains
• 3 tablespoons of heroes
• 1 drop of main character
• a pinch of twists and turns (a good brand is betrayal)
• thinly sliced chapters

NOTE: Make sure the mixture is not lumpy after stirring as readers will get disinterested.

Once the plot disappears and the story dough gets tough to stir, kneed with your hands and edit your creation. For example, making sure the main character is fully involved in the mixture.

Roll out your edited story dough and shape it with a knife – CAREFULLY

Lay your shape on a baking tray and put it in the oven to create some tension and atmosphere. REMEMBER to not overcook your story as it will become dry and distasteful.

P.S There should be no plot holes in your story otherwise it won’t cook properly.

You will know it is ready when the smell of your golden story leaves you hooked and wanting more.

This is optional but adding icing to your story will entice many potential readers — who wouldn’t have approached them without decoration.