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Lauren Webb


Go through the hedge’s huge hole,
The third world on the left is your goal, Then a garden shall emerge, Through which a huge joy shall surge, Stop by at the weather worn well, Sip sweet liquid then ring the jewel encrusted bell, Faces scream to go back, But do not alter your tack, Go forth into the world of new, The land of frost, ice and dew.

Allow the hedge guards to jump back for you, Continue into a world filled with snowdrops: purple, orange, white and blue, Up the grand, grass carriage way, Jealously edged by spiky clumps of grass; keeping intruders at bay, A bush edged with tiny, yellow flowers, Singing joy for endless hours, Foxes, badgers, birds, sprites, fairies and flies, Stare at you with glazed over eyes, From elegant queen tree, smothered in snow, you must pass through, To a world filled with colour of every hue.

Enter mother natures own world,
Where all natural beauty has unfurled,
Bathed in sunlight with lush green grass, Flowers of every colour draw you in but you must pass, Ignore your dreams visible within the wooden framework, For encased inside weird, evil creatures lurk, Hissing evil and bad will, To the many bushes or even the herons stone bill, Choose the windiest stone path, Do not stay and face evils wrath.

Up carefully carved clay steps,
Through the narrow passage way filled with spritelets, Still following the granite stone, Furiously guarded by spiky creatures ready to turn you to bone, Come forth into a beauty haven, Bathed in sunlight so often craven, But you must leave, gifted and wise, Choose the correct path- the one that seems to lead to the skies, Through lavender central, DO NOT eat a thing or risk becoming mental, A huge stone basin, in which fire fish thrive, Scoop one up and be glad to be alive.



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