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     As the wind picked up, the sky turned an ominous black, Aaron knew it was now or never. Standing inside a deserted house, were two families. Aaron could hear the wild wind growing friskier and out of control. Salty dust flew into his mouth and eyes, making his eyes water and also cough. GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE! Aaron’s belly groaned with the petrifying fright of watching a house being demolished by a massive tornado!

“Now or never, now or never,” Aaron got more aggressive and louder as he spoke; “Now!” he shouted.

        Leaving the families behind, Aaron jumped at and through the window, and toppled into a full skip.

“Now!” he shouted once more time, he took one step back, then ran and jumped off  the skip, like an arrow being shot into the air.

“Left or right, left or right, left!” He screamed, sprinting to his left, was his death. Suddenly the tornado broke out from a house.

“Right, right!” he shouted. Did another danger lie there?

        SQUEAK! SCREECH! SQUEAK! Falling down from the sky, was a pylon, it was as if the devil had sent it down to crush Aaron.

“Carry on, carry on, I know it’s a risk, but carry on,” he whispered to himself making his body tremble even more. BANG! BOOSH! BANG! The pylon came toppling over, trapping Aaron between its electrical metal bars. Sizzle, Sizzle!

“Help, help!” he screamed, “help!” In the corner of his eye, he spotted a switch and rolled over to push it! Buzz! The wires sucked up all the electricity, like a thirsty child slurping up his juice from a straw. Finally he was out, But still on the run. Where could he go?

“The river boat leaves at half ten in the morning, I may be able to make it in time,” he muttered to himself.

        Pant, pant, pant! He was so close to the dock, when the engine started. Aaron shook his head.

“Oh n… “I’ve got an idea”, Aaron interrupted himself. He ran until he came face to face with the river, he knew what to do. Splash! For the first time, he could swim with the fish, but not for long. As the boat drove past, Aaron grabbed onto the side of it as tight as he possibly could. He was up, free, alive.

“By, by home town,” he screamed with joy. As Aaron jumped with joy several times, the boat drove away, heading for the horizon.


Luke Hall

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