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I am a Busy Library bustling every day and bursting with books.

I am a great rocky boulder chasing an idea,

But I am also the smallest tree in the forest overcrowded by others.

I’m a fizzing Champagne bottle bursting with ideas.

I am also a useful dictionary ready to help; you can always count on me to check your spelling.

I’m clever-clogs Velma from Scooby-Doo, shrewd and quick thinking.

But I am also scared Scooby running as fast as my legs will take me.

I am a fully charged iPad ready and willing to play.

I am a tired tractor slowly driving down the road to excitement waiting for something to happen.

I am an interested class always ready to learn something new.

I am an unnoticed folder organising everything neatly and making sure everything is in its place and tidy.

I am a kind, gentle kitten always there to be loving and caring.

I am glad to be who I am.

Mikey Walsh

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