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Time Flyers

Time Flyers
Erin Vines

High in the sky, fast as lightning, Yasmine O’Connor zoomed through the air, on a mission which will change history forever… Yasmine O’Connor was about to stop Adolf Hitler from ever being born. Little did she know, Adria McConnell was going to stop her. You see, changing history is like changing words in a book. It is no longer the way it was supposed be written. Yasmine O’Conner had to be stopped. So, Adria appeared at Adolf’s home precisely 2 minutes before Yasmine arrived. She kept out of sight, until Yasmine appeared right beside her.


“Stop!”Adria yelled at Yasmine. “You’re going to change history forever!”


“I know, and it’s gonna save millions of people!” Yasmine yelled back.


“Please stop!” Adria pleaded, tears welling up in her eyes. Knowing her mind was not going to be changed, Adria turned away.


“I would if I could, but I already have. However, it was only his twin brother, Hans, which means I’ve prevented more world conflict, and he dies later so it doesn’t really matter.”


“Okay. Wanna get a Mcdonalds?”Adria inquired.


“Sure!” Yasmine returned. And off they went, returning the world to its usual status.

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