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The Shadow over the Fence

The Shadow over the Fence
David Imobighe

I stood on the plain grass as the fog drifted past me. The fence that separated the path from human and ghosts. The gate creaked every so often, it looked like it was about to fall and let the ghosts fly into the human world. You could hear laughter of the ghosts from a long distance away. I flinched as I saw a shadow appearing, walking towards the gate. Chains were stuck on the ghost’s wrists but as it came closer, it got darker. The shadow stopped and when I got full view, it looked like a man who had been tortured with its hunched back. The ghost looked at me and then a white fire began in its pale blue eyes. It looked all around it as if it wasn’t meant to be anywhere here, then it waved. I didn’t know what to do so I just waved back. The ghost dragged itself towards me and then stuck its hand out as if it was trying to give me a handshake.

When the hand passed over the gate, it didn’t stop. In my head I panicked because this could mean, all ghosts could enter the human realm. I let the ghost man fall next to me and pick himself up. The ghost walked past me and I followed. The ghost began to sprint and I did the same. We jumped over farm gates, ran up hills and rolled down them. The ghost never got tired; it just looked like it had only just started running. After a while of running and jumping, we arrived. The ghost opened a gate which creaked nastily, and then it fell. The ghost passed many dead bodies as they lay on swings, monkey bars and more. I felt deeply disturbed but the ghost wasn’t bothered by this. It began to rain and surprisingly, the ghost brought out a pitch black umbrella.

This park we had arrived at didn’t look normal. I covered my head as the rain turned to hail. The ghost man handed over his umbrella and walked as if it was the sunniest day. He jumped into puddles which went all over the place. I sometimes had to block away the raindrops that would fly towards me. We then reached a sign saying ‘Older Area.’ There were more dead bodies lying around but they were all older. Sometimes, the ghost would go over to some bodies and pat their back. I felt extremely disgusted. The ghost continued our walk and then we got to the final swing.

The ghost touched the dead body that lay there and a bright flash appeared in front of me. Instantly, every area I could see was filled with colour. Where there were dead bodies, they began playing, happy and enjoying themselves. I looked around for the ghost man but I couldn’t. The black umbrella had vanished and I watched as the ghost went into a child’s body. Guess sometimes things get paranormal?

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