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The Transformation

The Transformation

Raheem Mohammed


Suddenly, I found myself growing and my night black hair growing thicker than the bare spine of a dictionary. It was only moments later that my nails transformed into claws, sharper than a sharpened dagger. My nose then sprouted into nostrils and my eyes started burning. I felt like I was being skinned to death.

As my transformation seized I stumbled aimlessly to the mirror which was positioned at my old, ancient desk which I had spent years working at; memories flooded back at me as I grasped onto a sharp, shining dagger which I had always kept for an emergency.

As I looked at myself in the mirror I thought of what beast I created. A murderer. Immediately, a fountain of great guilt filled the core of my heart as I gave in and let the new evil of me overwhelm my body. Exhausted and tired, fearful and terrified I fell into unconsciousness.

I was awoken later with the new evil of me emerging. I was a transformed character. I wanted chaos, I wanted destruction but most of all – I wanted power. With a malevolent grin I soared up into the air with my huge, bat like wings that were coloured dark, fierce crimson red and flew to the nearest window.

An hour ago I had been an ordinary scientist trying to exceed the creations of mankind. I had used the wings of bats and the tentacles of spiders to make a new creation which would overpower the rest. My aim had been better than expected; it made me the ruler of all!!!!




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