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The Oral Hygiene Crew

The Oral Hygiene Crew
Mafoya Amogunla

Your teeth are amazing. Oh yes, it’s true.
Your mouth is the ship and they’re the crew.

Incisors here has something to say
That’ll make you so happy, you’ll dance and sway:
“Eat really healthy and you’re being good.
So we don’t give you an ache and become quite rude.”

Canine is here to give some tips:
“Don’t talk, just seal your lips.”
The thing he says is “floss, floss, floss.
So, the crew stays happy and doesn’t turn to moss.”

Molars are down to give you a message:
So, just drop the act and stop eating his sausage
“My name as you know is ‘mouthimus molar’
And please just stop drinking so much cola.”

Last but not least is the amazing tongue,
Powerful as a sage; wise as a monk.
“I have to say this was quite fun
…our adventure begins, we’ve gotta run!”