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Eva Burbidge

Alone in the woods, I can feel eyes on me – not friendly joyous eyes but staring murderous eyes. I would not go like my sister; I would not go without a fight. I stood up and took a few trembling steps then I fell!

My life flashed before my eyes – I knew I wasn’t dead, but all breath had left me. Then my mind forced me to see her face; I would not cry, I would not give in. She was there – I saw her.

It was snowing, we were zooming along on a sled shrieking with happiness. I knew that was the memory that would last forever. Then I hit the icy water. It worked its way down my veins pulling me down. I fought my way to the surface.

Finally, a gasp of air – maybe I would make it? Then I saw Death’s cold stare consume me, I saw the water swirling. I was being pulled, pulled down – I would not give in. If I was to die here alone, I would die with her face imprinted in my mind….