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The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf
Aliya Waseem

Dangerous. Unpredictable. Evil. That’s all I’m known as among these ignorant people. Wandering these lands, confined within a body that does my real beauty no justice. Cursed and robbed of my birthright; I roam these lands in hope of finding myself and freeing us all.

I am standing beside a tree tonight, just looking at the things around me, clad in a black, lacy dress that slides down to the floor and spirals up to my neck. The collar at the top of my dress held the rest of the material in place. There is a gentle breeze tonight that’s lightly pushing my unbound hair in front of me. Holding a wilting rose in my hands, I study it with an intensity that I thought I was incapable of. The way that the dying petals just flutter off the stem and allowed themselves to be taken by the wind seems to intrigue me. A dying soul that has given up chances of survival. But not me. I will fight this accursed realm to the very end!

Chucking the now empty stem out of my hand, I let out a sigh of frustration. So many nights spent searching, with all of them gone to waste. Nights are wasted with pointless hunts and I cannot move in the day as the people will try to kill me, and in this form I cannot fend for myself properly. Last time I hunted during day, I returned to my walking home with many injuries; I barely managed to stitch them up before losing too much blood. After that encounter, I never tried to search in the day again.

Placing one foot in front of the other, I slowly began walking to an area that I had not yet searched. It is likely to be another lost cause but I may as well cover as much ground as I can before the sun comes up and mortals begin to awaken. I quickened my pace to a jog to fully explore the grounds before the sun comes up.

When I reached the land, a faint light shone upon the mud. The moon’s shimmering rays gave the place more of a serene look in the dark than the awfulness that it is during the day: quite ironic considering that the dark is meant to symbolise treachery and fear.

Stepping closer, I reached out my hand to enter the ray of light. When my hand touched the ray, I felt my hand burn as it began to… shift! I just watched, gobsmacked, as my hand became furry and razor-like claws shot out of my fingers.

I was shifting back into the form of a wolf! These rays… they have some kind of magic attached to them. When I pulled my hand out of the light, it immediately returned to the despicable human state it was previously in.

Well, at least I know where the lock is kept now. Better watch out, dear curser.


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