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The Journey of Ups and Downs

The Journey Of Ups And Downs
JD Ikolo

There was once a little boy named Peter who had a pair of unappealing parents. Peter’s dream was to be a footballer but unfortunately for him his parents didn’t believe that he could be one because they didn’t think he was good enough. But he didn’t give up.

Two years later…

Now Peter is 7 and has thought of a way he could get them to let him play football. So one night he went up to his parents and said “Mom and Dad, if I do well in my school work, will I be allowed to play football?”

“Maybe,” they said. And as soon as they said that Peter sped up to his room and started studying but he couldn’t understand the multiplication or even division sums so for now his dream was crushed.

But he persevered. So one cloudy morning, Peter stole money at least £100 from his father’s wallet and bought all the football equipment he needed and had just over £5 left. So then Peter went to a football club for trials and after playing his heart out for a place, he left with the unfortunate news that he didn’t get through. But before he got home he had to keep it to himself so that his parents wouldn’t notice.

However, he got a wonderful surprise when he got home. He had two people looking for him all over town. And those people were his parents. “They really care about me,” Peter thought. And as soon as Peter’s parents saw him they were elated “Where were you?” they asked him.

Then Peter said ”Do you guys actually care about me ?”

“Of course we do.” Peter’s parents said.

“Then if you do, show it by letting me play football.”

“Ok, we are going to let you play football.”

“YAY!” said Peter.


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