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The Haunted House

The Haunted House
Eve Godsal

Silence echoed around the deserted old cottage,

In the air you could feel the doom,

As ghosts glide around every abandoned room.


A man walked towards this haunted house,

Listening to the scurry of every mouse.


He heard the sound of a clattering bone,

But he had to see if his Grandma was home.


“Laura, Laura, are you there?”

Then an eerie howl gave him a scare.


Something was wrong in this frightening place,

Which made him go at a faster pace.


“Laura, Laura, are you there?”

Then a blood-curdling shriek gave him a scare.


There was something that was freaking him out,

There was something he didn’t know about.


“Why are you here?!” a chill voice cried,

“I only came here to visit my Nan”

And then with a scream, away he ran.

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