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My Celebration Poem!

My Celebration Poem!
Hannah Tilt

The school bell rings for the end of the day,

And the chairs all scrape and the tables sway,

With the hustle and the bustle,

And the incredible racket,

As everyone tries to put on their jacket,


People scream and people shout,

And people shove as they run out,

But it doesn’t matter, no one cares,

They just want to get down the stairs,


The bus comes into the bus bay and,

You know you’re gonna have to stand,

But it’s no a big deal cause you’ll be free,

And it’s as easy as A B C D E F G,


The seats are jolting to and fro,

The bus has had an overflow,

The landscape is blurring past,

How long must this ride last?

Voices laugh and voices call,

But your thoughts are louder than them all,

They’re whirring round and round your head,

Schools is over, enough said,

The ride is over and you get off,

The bus driver has a whooping cough,

The sun is shining, and you bask in its rays,

For school is over for two whole days!!!

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