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The Friendly Fox

The Friendly Fox
Maya Sharif

“Tap, tap, tap,” knocked the rain persistently at the cold, wet window trying to wake May-Robin from her lazy, long slumber. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked out of the foggy window.

“Ugh!” she sighed. “Another miserable, rainy day!” With that, she stomped down the stairs to the kitchen like a lazy, moody elephant that had not had his morning coffee.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. May-Robin opened it and there stood a fox with golden fur and mysterious, blue eyes. He trotted straight towards her, his mouth wide-open and, May-Robin, convinced that he was going to eat her, screamed like a siren, but instead the fox licked her, giggling and howling loudly. May-Robin gasped, her mouth wide open. “I can understand you!” she exclaimed. “Nice to meet you, Ginger. I’m May-Robin.”

That evening on the news, a reporter announced, “The pollution in UNS Spailand is harming and killing our animals.” May-Robin started thinking long and hard about what she could do to help to help her new friend, Ginger.

By the next morning, she was staring up at a beautiful, colossal building that loomed over her like a giant’s shadow.

She stepped inside ready to stand up to the government. “Excuse me, sirs, I would like to speak to someone in the government,” she announced confidently even though she was shaking inside like a wobbly jelly.

“We don’t have time for young children,” shouted the guards at the door as they spun her around and pushed her out of the building.

“Hmm,” thought May-Robin.

That afternoon, May-Robin came back. When the guards saw her arrive, they took one look at her and immediately let her in…

She marched into the President’s office with a pleased grin on her face. Sitting with the rest of his senators, he shrugged his shoulders and put his head back down when May-Robin walked in.

Then, Ginger walked in…

The President lifted his head and looked back down. Ginger’s furry friend, Loma, the panther, walked in. Now the President put his pen down. Grizzy, the bear, stomped in a few seconds after, along with his whole bear family. Suddenly, the President sat straight up, with wide eyes, ready to listen.

“Good morning, everybody. You have heard that pollution is harming our nature and I want to stop that,” May-Robin said loudly in a very determined manner.

Suddenly, Ginger trotted up to the President and gave him a sloppy lick. May-Robin giggled and then everybody was laughing. “Yes, we will help the animals,” announced one of the senators after a quiet chat with the President.

That evening, it was announced that if anybody in UNS Spailand didn’t throw their rubbish away, they would be jailed because when we litter, animals die and that is a type of murder. The animals were safe and it was all thanks to May-Robin, a friendly fox, a cheeky panther, a grizzly bear and his family.