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The Family of Foxes Who Lose Their Home

The Family of Foxes Who Lose Their Home
Lottie Hall

One bright, summer’s day a family of foxes were sleeping in their burrow beneath the damp, soggy soil. When a loud, piercing noise was heard, the family suddenly awoke.

“What was that noise!” whimpered Tuffty.

“Don’t be afraid my dears there’s nothing to worry about.” Mother Fox said reassuringly.

She was wrong. There was something to worry about and that thing was getting their home destroyed. She had heard this noise before when she escaped at three years of age, but her parents had been left behind buried in the depths of twigs, leaves and the ruins on her old long forgotten home.

“Mommy, what’s going to happen tell us, mommy please,” whispered Toffee.

“Okay, my dears, this noise is the sound of humans, yes humans; humans that might destroy our house, but we must stay calm and silently but quickly escape.” Mother Fox sighed.

“Well then let’s get out before it’s too late,” suggested Taffy. “Okay, then I’ll go and tell your father,” muttered Mother Fox.

A few minutes later they were out in the open and about to watch their home collapse in front of them, but at least they had each other and their favorite things with them.

The family felt very unfortunate. Why had it just been their family not any others?

“Mommy, what shall we do? Will we have to search for a home?” Taffy questioned.

The family stood out in the dark, eerie, ominous woods. The family thought and thought of the things they could do but it wouldn’t be safe, so they had to think of other ideas. They stood there silently until the silence got broke by Toffee, the oldest of all the cubs.

“I know, we can search for a home or ask the other animals if we could sleep in their home,” stated Toffee.

“I don’t think so, I’m not that certain about the other animals letting us sleep in their burrow. They’re far too argumentative I mean, look at our neighbours. I bet they’re laughing at us now because our burrow got destroyed,” Mother Fox explained.

The family stood there in silence, once again thinking what they should do. An hour had gone by, two hours. Suddenly Taffy appeared to have an idea.

“I know, let’s collect things and then use the things we collected to create a house.”

“Maybe, but what things shall we collect? Moss, twigs, leaves, logs and what else… stones.” Mother Fox exclaimed.

They went out in the open, careful of what they were facing, looking for the objects they were going to require to build another home. The family sorted out the different things into piles, like a pile of leaves, stones, twigs, logs and moss to blend in with wildlife.

“Look now there’s loads of stuff to use to build our house again!” Tufty sighed.

The family started building a new home. Their new house looked like a picture in a picture frame.