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It Just Takes a Moment

It Just Takes a Moment
Elizabeth Ijaopo

It was yet another glorious summer day at the Wilsons 10-million-dollar mansion in New York city. The day was interrupted as usual by Olivia’s demanding calls.


“No, darling, get it yourself, you need to learn how to do things for yourself!” said her annoyed and frustrated mother, Emma Wilson.

“Fine. You’re so unfair!” Olivia whined. She got up from her comfy deck chair – dressed in an expensive, flawless bikini – and walked into their opulent kitchen to make herself another serving of water.

She was stopped midway by her father, James, who told her to be seated in the living room for a little chat with her mother. Olivia rolled her eyes. “You better not make it too long,” Olivia demanded.

James sighed deeply but said nothing.

As she walked into the living room, she could see her mother shifting about in her seat uncontrollably. That was normally a sign that they were going to tell her something she wouldn’t like.

“Listen,” James began, “I know you won’t be happy with this but…”

“Can you just get to the point and not waste my time?” Olivia crossed her arms.

“What your father was trying to say was that, he and I will be going on a missionary trip to Africa for two weeks,” Emma replied.

“So, what? Since when did that bother me and why do I need to know?” Olivia interjected rudely.

James and Emma exchanged worried glances and simultaneously echoed: “We’re bringing you with us.”

“You know what? Lately, I’ve hated been in this house and think it’s about time I got some fresh air somewhere else,” Olivia lamented.

“Well, that wasn’t the usual response your dad and I had anticipated, however, we’ll be leaving in two days, so hurry up and start packing your luggage.”

The moment Olivia left the room, her parents looked astoundingly at each other.

By the time they landed in Africa, Olivia became fascinated with a number of beautiful attractions in the cities.

However, as they made their way to the remote village for their missionary work, Olivia began to see what she had never seen before, a lot of underprivileged children who lived in small huts with their families, yet they appeared to be breezy and sparky.

They later headed to the local hospital where Olivia saw her parents attend to the needs of many ill children. She noticed that the children, rather than being despondent and dispirited, were happy and grateful for the care shown to them – unlike her, who has never been grateful for her privileged life in her multi-million-dollar mansion.

That moment became a turning point in Olivia’s life and she felt sorry for her disorderly conducts and naughtiness.

James and Emma were thrilled on how a short trip to Africa brought about the desired transformational changes to Olivia’s life.

Two years later, Olivia got admission to study medicine and soon graduated as a medical doctor. About half a decade later, she started an international charity organisation called ‘Courage to Care’ to give free medical assistance to many sick children in developing countries.