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The Cryanchew!

The Cryanchew!
Athena Castle

Jemima, Jacob and Jamie were ordinary triplets who loved ghosts and were always equipped even though they had never met one in real life. And when I say equipped, I mean that Jamie and Jacob brought spanners, a metal pan and a knife whilst Jemima used her brain and brought ghost and zombie repellent, garlic and a net.

They were really enthusiastic about going to the hills and grabbed their bags and coats and stepped through the crisp autumn air, excitement bubbling through them like lava.

They got to the base of the hills, where they saw a narrow curving pathway leading into darkness! “I wonder what’s up there?” whispered a terrified Jemima. “Come on, there can’t be anything up there. Just the misty dark path on the hills” said Jamie bossily.

“Yes… but,” began Jemima.

“You can go home if you want,” Jacob butted in rudely.

“No,” Jemima cried.

“Come on then, guys,” Jacob said, ushering them on.

Slowly but tentatively they stepped onto the hills, looking around scared but nothing happened. They walked on leaves crunching underfoot. Jacob, Jemima and Jamie stopped to get their torches out, they flicked the switch and orange glow lighted the way ahead and feeling comforted they carried on up the hills.

Shining the torch on the ground Jemima let out a squeak of surprise and stopped dead still.

“What we thought were leaves and twigs,” she said, looking up to meet the boys’ eyes, “are actually BONES!”

“What!” cried Jamie and Jacob, shining their torches on the ground.

Sure enough there were new and old bones shining pale and deathly in the moonlight. Scared, they ran up the hill, their torches bobbing up and down. They reached the top, panting and out of breath, clutching their sides.

A faint scream came from somewhere,

“What was that?” Jacob said, sharply looking around.

“There it goes again,” said Jemima and Jamie, straining their ears although this time it was loud and clear.

“Arghhhhh!” shouted the children, turning a corner and stopping abruptly as there blocking the path was a monster! It was tall with spider legs and pig/hogs bottom, with a lions face! It was feasting on human flesh and blood but leaving the bones.

They crept away and got their weapons out, leaving their bags behind them. When they rounded the corner again, the monster had finished its meal and turned to look at the children.

“It’s a CRYANCHEW!” screamed Jemima.

She then picked up some bones and covered it all in fake blood and moss, then tied it onto a piece of string. She threw it to the Cryanchew who tilted its head to a side and started chewing it — but Jemima had stuffed it with garlic which Cryanchews are allergic to! The monster ate it, got sick and died.

So that’s the end of the Cryanchew, J&J&J flopped to the ground and fell asleep. When they woke up they were back in their beds and wondered if it had all been a dream.