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I inhale the fresh crisp breeze as I sink my grubby trainers into the lush emerald grass. The blazing summer sun in the azure picturesque sky spreads a blanket of joy in every nook and corner.

The flamboyant flowers dance to the wind’s whistle, the gentle sound of splashing water makes a cool rippling noise, children run around, too excited, like bumbling bees over a flower bursting with nectar. Birds rest upon the deep chestnut trees singing a sweet melody. But these cacophony of noises only mange to pinch and poke the tranquillity of the place.

Beating rhythmic footsteps pass by as joggers run by in a blur, their footsteps crunching the leaves, leaving behind a blizzard of scarlet yellow and amber.

A chilling breeze runs through the park, as the creaking swings, swing back and forth. A bijou squirrel scampers across the concrete path and delves into a hollow tree. People bundled in blankets curl up in front of a roaring fire, as if beginning to hibernate.

The sugar powdered grass shimmers, like jewels creating picturesque scenery with the pale winter sky. The pond is glazed with ice, the entire park is empty, desolate and frost bitten. Yet still it manages to twinkle like the night sky.

The world rests in a blanket of warmth, but as it awakens, life begins once more.

As the sun begins to set, the park is a different place as together. The pure white snow becomes messy sludge. Muddy trails of footprints left behind as the seasons change once more…

The park is damp, soggy and wet. The constant downpour is miserable and the weather seems bland. Yet as the rain comes to a halt, and daffodils and daisies bloom the park is alive again. Rabbits hop from place to place, the grass is lush and green and the sky has regained its azure colour.

Nayantika Chaudary

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