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Run – Emily Baker


Emily Baker
(12, Birmingham)


Pain sears through my bare feet as they touch the sharp stones littering the floor. The air is warm as it swathes my dusty skin. Crumbling ruins surround me. I don’t know why I was there; I just remember running, being chased, then falling and hurting.

I look up and see an exiguous figure far away, deeply submerged in the glorious colours of the sunset. They seem to be coming closer. Suddenly, they stop. I approach the mysterious stranger cautiously. It is a woman dressed all in black, with every bit of pale skin covered in tight black lycra, except for her face. Her left hand reaches out and grabs me.

“You must journey no further.”

I gaze into her piercing blue eyes and instantly know she has been through a lot. The woman hands me a pair of deep blue goggles and I slip them on, adjusting the smooth strap slightly. The world blurs and changes until I can see a beautiful castle, surrounded by lush greenery. The woman is laughing. Huge men come, set it alight and destroy it. I see tears and sadness. A feeling of dread runs through me and I make a decision. Run.