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Rising Against Mother Nature

Rising Against Mother Nature
Katie Gayton


When disaster cries, we fall

Into a deep dark jungle of the unknown

So many worries, spread like a disease

There is no cure, but to be cursed by the spell

Though a few small brave people

Take nightmares in their stride

The younger population

Are ready for an adventure

No matter the disaster, however dangerous it may be

These young tough people are seen to be free

So maybe we should take a leaf from their book

Be ready, be prepared and no one can scare us.


Mother nature, however, is out to break us

Suck us up into her core

Blow us out into space

Her insides bubble, ready to munch us up

Ready to destroy us a chunk at a time

But maybe she doesn’t know

What humans are known for

Because we can’t be defeated as easily as she thinks

For our world keeps on growing

In size and in strength

And by working together and staying strong

No disaster can break us any more.


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